The Story of Zomer and Merel, Founders of Chez Mer

The Story of Zomer and Merel, Founders of Chez Mer

Zomer and Merel's story is one of friendship, creativity, and a shared passion for solving everyday problems with style and innovation. From their humble beginnings in high school to the thriving success of Chez Mer, their journey is a testament to perseverance and vision.

A Serendipitous Meeting
Our story began on the halls of their high school, where Zomer and Merel first crossed paths. Though they briefly lost touch as Zomer pursued a HAVO education and Merel embarked on an MBO journey, fate brought them back together when they both enrolled in HBO Creative Business. It was during a class on entrepreneurship that the spark of Chez Mer was ignited, as they realized their shared desire to create something truly unique.

Fashioning Solutions with Style
The idea for Chez Mer was born out of a common frustration – what to do with wet swimwear after a day at the beach or pool? Zomer's ingenious solution was to create a stylish yet practical bag specifically designed to store wet swimwear. Thus, the NoWa Bag was born, a chic accessory that seamlessly combines fashion and functionality for those seeking a convenient and beautiful solution.

Overcoming Challenges, Embracing Innovation
Setting up Chez Mer came with its own set of challenges, particularly in sourcing the right materials. The quest for durable, water-resistant fabric led them to discover the versatility of boat sailcloth, a material known for its durability and waterproof properties. Opting for a PVC backing ensured maximum water resistance, offering customers a reliable solution for their wet swimwear storage needs.

Creating Memories, Sharing Joy
Some of our fondest memories revolve around the collaborative process of creating content and attending markets together. From photoshoots capturing the essence of Chez Mer to the camaraderie of market days, each experience is a testament to their shared passion and dedication to their brand.

Embracing Sustainability and Social Responsibility
For us, Zomer and Merel, sustainability isn't just a buzzword – it's a core value woven into the fabric of Chez Mer. By partnering with a social workplace and opting for boat sailcloth, they're not only creating stylish products but also making a positive impact on the environment and their community. As they continue to grow, they remain committed to exploring even more sustainable options for Chez Mer.

Looking Ahead: Dreams and Ambitions
The future of Chez Mer is filled with endless possibilities. With plans to expand their product line to include more beach and lifestyle essentials, Zomer and Merel are eager to continue innovating and delighting their customers with stylish solutions for every aspect of life.

Heartfelt Feedback, Lasting Impact
The most touching feedback Zomer and Merel have received is the genuine appreciation from their customers. Hearing how the NoWa Bag has made their lives easier and more stylish is a constant reminder of why they started Chez Mer in the first place – to create products that bring joy and convenience to people's lives.

Join the Chez Mer Journey
As Zomer and Merel continue to shape the future of Chez Mer, they invite you to join them on their journey. Follow along on social media, share your own Chez Mer moments, and discover the perfect blend of fashion and functionality with the NoWa Bag and more.

From high school acquaintances to business partners and friends, Zomer and Merel's story is one of friendship, creativity, and the power of turning everyday frustrations into stylish solutions. Dive into the world of Chez Mer and discover a brand built on passion, innovation, and a deep commitment to making life a little more beautiful – one bag at a time.
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