About Us

Imagine yourself spending a beautiful day by the water, whether it's at the beach with the sun shining brightly or by the poolside, with the soothing sound of waves or splashes in the background. But when it's time to leave, you are left with a damp swimsuit or swim trunks. Don't worry, though! With the NoWa bag by Chez Mer, you can wrap up your day in style.

We are Zomer and Merel, the founders of Chez Mer. Our passion for fashion and style, combined with our love for the water, led us to create Chez Mer. We faced the challenge of finding a suitable place to store our wet swimwear, so we came up with the idea of designing chic bikini bags.

The NoWa bag is more than just a tote. It's a fashion accessory that seamlessly integrates into your swimming lifestyle. Whether you're taking a spontaneous dip in the sea or lounging by the pool, this chic bag is the perfect companion. Its water-resistant material ensures that your wet clothes are stored safely, while the stylish design adds to your swim-ready look.

But that's not all - Chez Mer is not just a name. By merging the names of Zomer and Merel and connecting them with the water, we have created a brand that captures the essence of summer vibes. By translating our company name into French, we not only bring that delightful summer atmosphere to our products but also to our social media and customers.

So if you're ready to elevate your swimming days to the next level, look no further than the NoWa bag by Chez Mer. Let Chez Mer guide you to a sunny, water-inspired lifestyle!

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