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Dive in, Pack dry!

NoWa Bags

NoWa Bags

Chez Mer introduces the perfect companion for all your aquatic adventures -... 

Keep It Dry: The NoWa Bag Solution

We’ve all been there: after a refreshing swim, you’re left with a soaking wet bikini. Rolling it up in your towel seems like a good idea until everything else in your bag ends up damp and unpleasant. Alternatively, you might reach for a plastic bag, but that’s not a sustainable solution and often leads to leaks and waste.

Recognizing this problem, we created the NoWa Bag: a stylish, waterproof tote designed to keep your swimwear contained and your other belongings dry. Say goodbye to soggy towels and plastic waste, and hello to hassle-free aquatic adventures with the eco-friendly NoWa Bag.