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Chez Mer

NoWa bag - Sunset Orange

NoWa bag - Sunset Orange

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Chez Mer introduces the perfect companion for all your aquatic adventures - the NoWa Bag! This versatile tote is more than just an accessory; it's an essential ally for both style and functionality, whether you're going to the beach, the pool, or a lake.

With the NoWa Bag, you can effortlessly stow away your wet swimwear after a refreshing dip. Its water-resistant material ensures that your other belongings stay safely dry, allowing you to enjoy your swim day without any hassle!

The fabric is 100% polyester with a PVC backing, providing durability and additional water resistance. Each bag measures between 22 and 23 cm in width and 20 cm in height, making it the perfect size for your aquatic essentials. Plus, every NoWa bag is unique and handcrafted with a lot of love at a social workplace, ensuring each piece carries its own special story.

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